Why Wood?

Well, mostly because it’s just so cool.

For thousands of years, people have been fabricating things out of wood because of its, versatility, and beauty.

Wood looks good. It just so happens that wood is also strong, lightweight, and flexible. These are all qualities you would want in a bike. Think about it, wood is the original carbon fiber. With all the plastic in our lives, its nice to be able to incorporate the organic.

Paul Sykes is a woodworker and a cyclist

in Portland, Oregon. If you want to see what he does when he’s not making fenders, click this sentence. After getting may comments on fenders he had made for his wife’s bike, he decided to start making them to sell. Its wet in the  Pacific Northwest most of the year - fenders are a necessity. But even if you don’t live in a rain forest, you’ll want wooden fenders because they are just damn sexy.

Sykes Wood Fenders are tough.

Laminated with epoxy, they are coated with multiple layers of marine varnish. All the metal parts are either stainless steel or aluminum. They will last many years. Even though they are just a thin whisper of wood, they are sturdy enough to be used as a platform for lights or other accessories.