Bicycles come in all different shapes and sizes,

Sykes Wood Fenders come in all different shapes and sizes.

   Whether you ride a svelte road bike, a tricked-out recumbent, cyclocross, cruiser, touring, or commuter, even if your “bike” is a trike, Sykes Wooden Bicycle Fenders are made to fit your baby.



These are bike industry sizes usually indicating which tire goes with which wheel. The most important measurement is the outside diameter of the tire. If you have big wide ballon tires, you may need larger diameter fenders. Be sure to specify 451 or 406 if ordering 20”

Fenders should be as wide, or just a little wider than the tires.

Recumbents or cargo bikes often have two different sizes. We can easily make a set of mixed fenders.


will they fit my bike?



26 inch

24 inch

20” (406 or 451)

17 inch

16 inch






mixed sizes

“Oh no, my tires are too close to my brakes and/or my frame!....”

Because of the flat profile of the wood fender, it is possible that it may not fit through the same opening that a conventional plastic or metal fender would.

Caliper brakes may hit the sides of the fender when squeezed.

The arch at the inside top of the forks may be too close to the tire.

The seat tube may be too close to the rear tire.

Clearance issues can often be solved by notching the sides of the fender where the brake arms close. This can be done as they are made, or by you, during the installation process.

If you are concerned that you have limited clearance, 

it is a good idea to do a cardboard mock fender test.

Cut a piece of cardboard to the desired width, and about 6 inches long. Slide the mock fender past the areas in question.

In more extreme cases, where short reach caliper brakes hug the tire very closely, it is necessary to split the fender into two pieces. A long L-bracket easily fits under the brakes.

Some bikes have no mounting eyelets at the front forks or rear dropouts. Sykes Wooden Eyelets may be a good solution.

If you need to order fenders with notching or “split”, please email for a customized fit.

notched fender

split fender

cardboard mock fender