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What looks best with my _______ color frame?

Wooden fenders will make any bike look better. Here are a few design ideas to consider:

A dark color frame with a dark color wood may lend a more subtle effect, whereas a lighter tone of brown or tan will provide a dramatic contrast. (The opposite is true with lighter color frames.)

Certain woods naturally have a much more bold, dramatic grain pattern, like mahogany, zebrawood, oak, and figured maple. Others, like cherry, and tight grained fir are understated and elegant.

Sometimes the frame color is not that important.

Tire sidewalls can provide a color matching focal point.

The reddish brown of Continentals go well with mahogany. Tan sidewalls look great with white oak, bamboo, or maple.

A leather saddle might be the thing that determines your choice...

What looks best with my ______ color Brooks Saddle?

Remember, leather saddles will darken with age,

as will the wood they are paired with

Honey brown   - cherry, or mahogany

Dark brown      - walnut

Aged               - white oak, fiddleback maple

Black              - everything goes with black

What wood is strongest? / lightest?

The amount of wood on a fender is so slight that it hardly makes a difference, most people make their choices based on appearance, but there are subtle differences.

The strongest woods are often the heaviest:

White oak, zebrawood.

The lightest woods are:

Mahogany, fir.

Maple is very strong, and probably the most flexible.

All the rest are somewhere in between.

The heaviest part of  Sykes Wood Fenders is the metal hardware.

Although the weight will vary, each set weighs about 1 lb.

Will water sneak around the edges of the fender since they are flat instead of curved?

No. Water flings off the center of the tire, and hits the center of the fender. From there, it casually drips down to the ground.



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